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  • Roof Deck - New Millennium Building Systems

    Type B Wide Rib roof deck provides the best balance of strength and economy of all the 1 ½ deep roof decks. Where rigid roofing insulation is used with B deck, a minimum 1 thickness is required.

  • 20 Gauge Galvanized Composite Roof Deck 20 - Versa-Steel

    20 Gauge Galvanized Composite Roof Deck 20 Gauge Galvanized Composite Roof Deck 1.5 Wide Rib Type BW36 G-90x 36" Wide 1.5 Wide Rib Type BW36 G-90x 36" Wide 914.4mm Pieces Sq Feet Pieces Meters Sq Meters

  • Steel Deck Institute, Inc. Design Manual for Composite Decks

    Defined standard roof deck sections and issued stand­ ard load tables for narrow, intermediate, and wide rib decks. Testing Independent tests are the best

  • 1.5" B Deck Type B Roof Deck Supplier - Metal Roof, Form

    1.5 Type B Roof Deck Type B Roof Deck is 1.5 deep. Also known as wide rib, this structural metal roof deck provides a support surface for various types of roofing materials. 1.5" B deck's wider rib profile allows for more insulation to be installed.

  • Steel Roof Deck Guide Specifications - ASC Steel Deck

    ASC Steel Deck, A Division of ASC Profiles, Inc. STEEL ROOF DECK PANELS Guide Specification 05 31 23 - 2 1.3 SUBMITTALS A. Product Data for each type of decking specified, including dimensions of individual

  • Roof Deck, Inc.

    Roof Deck, Inc., makes no representation or warranty respecting any information contained in this catalog, including but not limited to the accuracy, completeness, or suitability of such information for any particular purpose or use.

  • Roof Deck - Metal Deck Direct

    Type A Narrow Rib. Type A Roof Deck is a 1 1/2" deep, narrow rib, structural metal roof deck section that provides a wide support surface for various types of roofing materials, and thinner rigid insulation.

  • Type B Deck Wide Rib - Corrugated Stainless Decking

    Type "B" Wide Rib Panel Decking Stainless, Galvanized, Aluminum, Painted. The Type B Wide Rib is the industry standard for corrugated industrial roofing and is as popular for floor decking.

  • Roof Deck, Inc.

    Type "B" WR Roof Deck. Type B wide rib deck provides maximum structural load capacity through an efficient profile design and allows the use of 1-inch thick rigid insulation boards.

  • Type B Roof Deck Wide Rib - D-MAC Industries

    Industry Designations: Type B. Wide Rib. WR. Type B is the original term for this deck profile, though recently the Steel Deck Institute has promoted the more descriptive name, Wide Rib Roof Deck, or Type WR.

  • N Deck: Verco N-24 Roof Deck 3" N Deck

    N roof deck is used in a variety of applications such as Roofs, Canopies, Awnings, Roof Screens, etc. N-24 is in stock in Ontario, California or Phoenix, Arizona. In addition, orders can be manufactured at the metal deck plant in Northern California or any of the other metal deck facilities throughout the country.

  • Wheeling 1-1/2 Wide Rib Roof Deck Type BW36 Roof Deck

    1-1/2" Wide Rib Roof Deck Type BW36 1-1/2" Intermediate Rib Roof Deck Type F36 RD-2 t Sp Sn Ip In Wt. psf Gage in in 3 in 3 in 4 in 4 Galv. Ptd.

  • It All Starts with the Roof Deck - BUILDINGS

    Examples would be the conditions of occupancy, high interior humidity, corrosion of fasteners or the deck itself, installation of new equipment on the roof, types of roof membranes in place especially if the roof has been re-covered since the original occupancy , and much more.

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